Posted on July 18, 2015 at 6:21 pm

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Ranveer Wows B-town in the Bajirao Mastani Trailer!

The Bajirao Mastani trailer has created a buzz through b-town, even before the trailer had even released! We’ve been hearing about the upcoming film from all three main actors and the anticipated trailer is simply, WOW!

Versatile Ranveer Singh is playing the Maratha royal, Bajirao!

bajiraomastaniIn the last couple months, Ranveer Singh has given beyond a hundred percent of his time and energy to this role of a lifetime. He moved away from home, bought an apartment close to the sets of the film, just so he could stay focused! He shaved his head and underwent meticulous physical preparation. Ranveer being himself has done a fab job at sporting various types of hats, due to his shaven head, in public appearances! He has truly tuned his ‘hairlessness’ to a fashion advantage!

Film ciritcs and trade critics have given roaring feedback so far! Looks like Ranveer’s dedication is going to pay off!

All the praise and admiration flowing in naturally for Ranveer, the trailer will reinstate the fact that he is one of the most versatile and popular stars in today’s day in age cinema!

Check out what some of his friends and co-stars of b-town have to say about the upcoming film!

Missed the trailer? Check out the trailer right here!

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