Posted on July 31, 2015 at 10:24 pm

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Moni Agarwal at IIJ 2015!

As the India International Jewelry Week 2015 approaches, Sania Mirza is prepared to walk the stage as the showstopper for Moni Agarwal’s exquisite collection, Zohrakshi. The collection’s name represents flowers that have been reimagined, restructured and reinvented in immaculate, statement-pieces by Agarwal.

Combining age-old traditions of floral jewelry with contemporary style, Moni creates an ethereal line that fully encompasses today’s modern yet classic woman. Zohrakshi is a true example of Moni’s expression.

This stunning collection will be showcased through a canvas of ‘Devendri’, silk saris which exuberate a sense of luxury and sensuality. These saris are all about timeless beauty and sheer elegance and are sure to complement this beautiful line of jewelry.

When asked about the show, Moni shares:

“I am a part of IIJW every year and I am very excited to present my collection Zohrakshi this year. It is a wonderful platform for designers like me. I can express myself best at this event and I’m thrilled for the big day.”

Here’s a peak of this regal collection just for you!

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