Posted on July 20, 2015 at 2:35 am

Bollywood Featured Music What's Happenin'

Lyric video to Raghav’s “Until The Sun Comes Up!” ft. Abhishek & Nelly is out!

The highly anticipated lyric video for “Until The Sun Comes Up!” is out now!  The track has been the buzz of the town because it features Urban Heartthrob Raghav, Bollywood’s coolest actor Abhishek Bachchan, and the Hip Hop world’s popular rapper Nelly!  It’s really a dream combination.  You’ll have to pinch yourself to prove to yourself that you’re awake reading this article!  The track will have everyone on the dance floor… no need to wait ‘until the sun comes up‘ to start grooving to it!  Raghav has really proven his versatility with the track, and proves that he is one amazing musician!  His voice is perfect for any genre of music and any sound.  Abhishek and Nelly are also amazing on it!  Abhishek really needs to rap more often!  He’s got the right voice for it!  As for Nelly, he is a king of rap and proves that he deserves the throne!  Check it out below and let us know whether you think it was a hit or miss!

Canada fans can purchase on iTunes here