Posted on July 31, 2015 at 10:53 pm

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Interview: Jacqueline Fernandez talks ‘Brothers’

The hot and gorgeous Jacqueline Fernandez sat down and talked to about her upcoming film Brothers and her role in the film along with working with such great and good looking actors! Check out what she had to say about her film and working on set with the producer and filmmakers.

Question: Was the role difficult for you?

Answer: It was a bit challenging for me because I am not a mother. In the film I am the mother of a child who suffers from kidney failure and the family situation in the film was not normal or ordinary. It was extremely dramatic what my character had to go through, but I am grateful that my role was like that because it has helped me grow as an actor.


Question: What was it like working with such good looking actors?

Answer: Why do you think I signed for the film? J Actually my first few scenes were in the MMA ring and it was very entertaining to watch Sidharth and Akshay lock horns.

Question: This is your first dharma production film. What was that like?

Answer: Working with Karan Malhotra has made feel like I’ve done ten movies because of the amount I have learned from him. I’ve never done a role like this before and there was a lot of hesitancy in my part, which he helped me with. Akshay and I worked together in ‘Houseful 2’ but we were not opposite each other, so this was a great experience. There were not many scenes with Sidharth, though. Just being in the same presence as Jackie (Shroff) as well is just an honour.

Question: Both the main actors were Punjabi. What was that like?

Answer: There were times that I entered the set and I would have no idea what was going on. They would be a lot of jokes in Punjabi and a lot of the conversations were in Punjabi. But it was a lot of great fun as well.

Question: Tell us about your look in ‘Brothers’

Answer: It’s a very realistic look, not a very glamorous appearance at all. It had to be kept that way because of the subject matter. We were trying to push the envelope on a lot of the characters in Brothers and we wanted it to be as honest as we could about the portrayal.

Question: How will ‘Brothers’ be different from your past films?

Answer: In ‘Brothers’ I was going into zones that I have not really entered before. My character is a very desi and has a very simple character. A lot of people would not have expected me to do such a role and maybe that is why Karan approached me for the role in the first place. It’s always good to keep the audience surprised.

Brothers is the story of a broken family, set in the world of mixed martial arts and underground street fighting. Akshay Kumar plays the role of Sidharth Malhotra’s elder brother; both siblings are martial arts fighters locked in a fierce rivalry for victory in the ring. The gritty family drama required intense physical training and fitness aficionado Akshay Kumar left no stone unturned. Akshay, along with co-star Sidharth Malhotra, worked relentlessly on a gruelling fitness regime, both requiring highly controlled diets, prolonged martial arts training sessions and weight lifting. The actors look mean and rugged in the film’s trailer and are seen flaunting super toned physiques.

Karan Johar’s cinematic experience traditionally places the family unit and entangled relationships centre-stage. “Brothers” promises to live up to the expectation as audiences will get aboard the rollercoaster of emotions that engulf a family, brimming with tension between two warring brothers.

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