Posted on July 1, 2015 at 6:40 pm

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If Arnold Schwarzenegger was a Bollywood star…

Hollywood’s legendary action superhero Arnold Schwarzenegger aka ‘The Terminator’ is back! The latest succession – Terminator Genisys, is ready for release in India next month. To celebrate the return of Hollywood’s most loved futuristic robot, here’s a compilation of Bollywood posters that Schwarzenegger fans think the Terminator will certainly rock at if he made a move to Bollywood!

1) Arnold Schwarzenegger as PK:


In the role of the adorable alien with ears as big as flying saucers! Now imagine Arnold roaming around Delhi searching for his remote!

2) Arnold Schwarzenegger as Ra.One:

arnold schwartzenegger,

In the desi avatar of a superhero robot, Arnold Schwarzenegger would rock as the heroic Ra.One. Now that’ll give Shahrukh a run for his money.

3) Arnold Schwarzenegger as Robot:

arnold schwatzenegger, robot

Rajinikanth as Chitti the Robot was a revolution in the Indian film industry, just like the Terminator in Hollywood. Now imagine a movie with Arnold as undefeated-yet-adorable Chitti.

4) Arnold Schwarzenegger in Holiday:

arnold schwatrzenegger in holiday

The action packed film won hearts of the audience with its impactful story and performance. Akshay Kumar destroys the enemy with some quick moves and fast flexes just like Arnold Schwarzenegger does in his movies. He is the perfect actor to fit the role of an army officer in Holiday!

5) Arnold Schwarzenegger as Heropanti:

Arnold schwartzenegger in heropanti

Tiger Shroff had a charming personality and a body that is hard to miss in his debut film, Heropanti. He reminds us of a young Arnold Schwarzenegger who would make the girls swoon with his six pack abs!

6) Arnold Schwarzenegger as Bhaag Milkha Bhaag:

Arnold Schwarzenegger in bhaag milkha

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag is the story of Olympian track and field sprinter Milkha Singh and who would better fit the bill other than Arnold? With his chiseled body, disciplined lifestyle and athletic background, the Hollywood actor is the perfect fit.

7) Arnold Schwarzenegger as Gabbar Is Back:

arnold schwatzeneggar, gabbar

Akshay Kumar’s Gabbar is a strong-minded character who stands for the rights of the people. And the only one who showcases the same vigor as Akshay is Arnold Schwarzenegger. Hollywood’s Khiladi starring in Khiladi Kumar’s film, that’ll be a treat to watch!

What do you think? Should Arnold Schwarzenegger give a try to Bollywood?