Posted on July 3, 2015 at 3:30 am

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Hema Malini’s driver arrested in Dausa incident.

Earlier today (see here), we reported that Hema Malini’s Mercedes had crashed into another car that resulted in the death of a four year old girl!  The girl’s five-year old brother is critically injured, and her parents are still in the hospital due to injuries they sustained.  An investigation is now pending into the matter.  As of now, an FIR has been filed against Hema Malini’s driver – that is, he has been arrested!  It is warranted that the legal system will take action against the driver, especially if he is at fault.  After all, his alleged reckless driving caused the death of such an innocent child!  We truly feel for the family of the young girl!


According to the reports, the driver was speeding, drove over the divider, and hit the Maruti Alto.  The accident the driver caused resulted in injuries to Hemaji herself, and significantly, resulted in the death of a young child!  As mentioned above, the young girl’s brother and parents were also injured.  Senior police officer Rajinder Tyagi told NDTV, “I am being told the Mercedes was speeding. It drove over the divider.”  Dausa Superintendent of Police, Anshuman Bhomia said, “Five people were injured and out of them Sonam died. Sonam’s mother and brother have been referred to SMS (Sawai Man Singh) hospital.”

As for Hemaji, she is currently under the care of neurologists and surgeons to treat her facial wounds.  Rajastan lawmaker Shankar Lal Sharma told reporters in India that “Hema has injuries above her eyes, on her back and legs. I drove her to the hospital in my car. She was in pain.

This is a very tragic case, and we hope and pray it serves as an example to individuals not to speed when driving!  It is horrible that a young girl had to lose her life in an incident that could have been avoided by driving at the speed limit!  Wishing Hemaji and Sonam’s family a speedy recovery.