Posted on July 9, 2015 at 3:42 pm

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Gru’s Minions gone Superbad? These guys better watch their mouths now!

As you probably already know, Universal’s Minions hits theaters tomorrow and like all kid-oriented summer blockbusters, there are fast-food merchandise tie-ins. While kids are excited about their talking minions, It turns out that parents are outraged about the new Minions-themed Happy Meal toys at McDonalds. Now you must be wondering how could anyone be upset by those cute little guys from the latest Despicable Me franchise?


Well, it turns out that one of the many in the league of minions just so happens to have a sailor’s mouth! The innocent yellow fellow repeatedly says the phrase, ” What the f—!” when you press against its loincloth.

According to McDonald’s the toy is not speaking in ill manner but rather speaking their colloquial language Minionese and that if heard careful the phrase does not amount to any curse words.

Adults, I guess this is an excuse for you to grab a happy meal and uncover the truth.

Disclaimer: Just in case, make sure no children are around when you’re squeezing that yellow fellows tummy!