Posted on July 11, 2015 at 12:53 am

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Full on Mumbai Street-style Food at Vedge’s latest Festival!

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Mumbai is sure famous for its spirit, but there are two key factors that are the pulse of the city, Local Trains and Street Food! While trains can’t be all made available under one roof, Street food definitely can be!*hics*  Vedge brings all of the Mumbai’s favourite street food offered at one stop with its ‘Mumbai Street Food Festival’! Starting July 15th, Ongoing till August  15th. Yes now that sounds yummy! Let me just hop on a plane right now! I am getting hungry!

Vada pav is one of the first things that pop into our heads when we say Mumbai Street food, and therefore Vada Pav is certainly on the Menu at Vedge’s Fair along with some fiercely fried green chillies! Pav Bhaji Maska Maarke is how we Mumbaikars like it, and Vedge serves it exactly like that. And there are other dishes served with these fluffiest Pavs you could find – Misal Pav, Paneer-Burji Pav & Dabeli – having all the spices in its right places!

Street Food & Chaat is often said in one breath! You name it and we have it! Delectable Samosa Chaat, mouth watering Raj Kachori, Pani Puri with just perfect hot and sweet flavours and all timer – Ragda Pattice! And while there is the classic Bhel Puri, one can also go for the latest rage – Chinese Bhel.  Yes we know – your mouth is watery! So is Mine!


Looking at the current extensions to Mumbai Street scenario, Vedge has also nominated Momos. Special Mix Vedge Pierogi Momos and tasty Paneer masala Chuchvara Momos – Special again!

All this and a lot more! This Fair has tabled yet more of Mumbai’s Street style Khana including desserts & drinks. So what are you waiting for Mumbai! Come out to the Mumbai Street Food Festival! Be sure to bring your empty stomach!

Mumbai Darshan has one more stop – Vedge’s ‘Mumbai Street Food Festival’!

WHERE: Vedge, In Fun Republic mall, Andheri(W)

WHEN: 15th July – 15th August

TIME: 11.30AM -to- 11PM

CONTACT: 022 61668906

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