Posted on July 23, 2015 at 10:58 pm

Featured Hindi Music What's Happenin'

Check out Shankar Tucker’s “Dil Hai Namazi” featuring Vijay Prakash!

Shankar Tucker recently uploaded his latest musical collaboration “Dil Hai Namazi” featuring Vijay Prakash!

With beautiful lyrics written by Manoj Yadav and a lilting melody composed by Shankar Tucker himself, this song is set to a catchy 7-beat rhythm and incorporates a fusion of Indian and Western percussion instruments. Check out the video below!

This track features Vijay Prakash on vocals, Daniel Kenneth Rego on guitar, Crehyl Pereira on keyboards, Gaurang Desai on drums, Jomy George playing the tabla, and Shankar Tucker on clarinet. The video was shot by Ankit Mhatre and Vidya Iyer at Cottonpress Studios in Mumbai.

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