Posted on July 10, 2015 at 4:18 am

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Check out Dark Is Divine’s International Week of Redefining Beauty!

Dark is Divine (A global movement, designed to ignite a conversation to fight colorism and body image anxiety by redefining the society’s unrealistic standards of beauty) in collaboration with Rotaract (Rotary in action) geared up to celebrate International Week of Redefining Beauty, for the first time in history.

The week long celebrations began on June 29, 2015 with special awareness drives in Sri-Lanka, Nepal, Mexico on day one, followed by awareness drives in countries including Turkey and Canada on day two. Rotaractors, who are now also the agents of Redefining Beauty, held awareness drives in different countries throughout the African region on day three. On day four, Beauty Redefining Celebrations took place in Bangladesh and North America followed by a session on “Dark is Divine Talk Radio” with a renowned Cosmetic physician, Dr. Gul Qaiser, who along with other points also discussed the dangerous side effects of whitening treatments, and how they destroys the melanin. On July 3, 2015, the last day of the week-long event around 15 Rotaract clubs from different cities of India, Argentina and Lebanon shared positive pictorial messages followed by a session on Self-acceptance via Dark is Divine Talk Radio with U.A.E based therapist, Ms. Abeer.

Redefining Beauty!

In total, more than 35 Rotaract clubs from around 25 countries participated to generate a mass awareness..

Convener “Dark is Divine”, Ms. Fatima Lodhi, who is also the initiator of “International Week of Redefining Beauty” said that “Redefining Beauty” is something very close to her heart and its also one of the thematic areas of “Dark is Divine”, that aims to redefine the unrealistic standards of “Beauty” which have been set by the Society and propagated by the media in the forms of unfair advertisements.

The whole idea of celebrating International Week of Redefining Beauty was to challenge the unrealistic standards and the misunderstood notions of Beauty and igniting a global conversation, with this message that beauty is not size, shape or shade bound.

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Ms. Lodhi, who is also a Rotaractor and former Chairperson of Women empowerment committee of District 3272, quoted that she is highly thankful to every single member of Rotaract club who participated in this event and dared to become the agent of “Redefining Beauty”.

A few Rotaractors mentioned that they feel happy to become part of the International Week of Redefining Beauty and by giving out positive messages regarding skin color diversity and Body image.

The pictures sent by the agents of Redefining Beauty portray positive messages and have generated a huge impact.

Therapist Ms. Abeer, during her session on self acceptance said that only such events can help change society’s biased mindset of understanding the definition of beauty and discriminating those who don’t fit to this definition.

Dark is Divine will keep on challenging the unrealistic standards of beauty that has been set by the society” says Fatima Lodhi.

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