Posted on July 16, 2015 at 5:46 am

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Brit-Asian singer Mithun to make a comeback with “Khush” August 6th!

The Brit Asian music scene has some immensely talented musicians!  One of them is Londoner Mithun, who will be releasing his new single, “Khush” under the KD7 Music brand on August 6th  2015. Mithun started his music journey at a young age, and began training at the age of 7 from his grandfather.  Since then Mithun has release 2  singles that released worldwide.  This young talent not only sings in Hindi and English but also in Punjabi, Bengali and Korean (which not many Indians can boast of singing in!)!  Not to mention, Mithun also writes his own lyrics!

Mithun’s passion for music stemmed from a young age where he used to hear his grandfather sing classical music and took inspiration and guidance. In 2007 he had his first radio debut in London based station, Club Asia and wanted to continue getting his music around the world.  In 2010 he collaborated with the respected music producer and Punjabi Singer Bee 2 for “Kaun Hai Voh”, which was appreciated by a global audience.

“Khush” produced by Knightstar (Bhavik Pattani) has a catchy beat, which will definitely capture Hindi music fans across the globe.  “Khush” is a very positive happy love song written by Mithun where he wanted to make something different to a heart break song. Speaking of the track, Mithun said,

’Khush is a positive message directed to people who have long distant relationships, or break up. So, just a message saying no hard feelings when they broke up and wishing each other all the happiness wherever they are. And for long distant relationships, staying happy where ever she is.’’

With Khush set to release in a few weeks Mithun is already working on his EP and also a new Korean Song.

 Khush is set to release worldwide 6th August 2015