Posted on July 16, 2015 at 1:25 pm

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All you need to know about Eid from Iqbal Khan!

India is a nation known for it’s cultural vibrancy and religious diversity. Considering its thriving Muslim population, India is famous for the festivities carried out during the month of Ramadan and Eid. We got in touch with actor Iqbal Khan to share with us how he celebrates the festival which is near and dear to his heart. Here’s what he had to say!


How would you explain Ramadan and Eid to someone who knows nothing about the holiday?
Ramadan is the month of forgiveness from the almighty, it’s about abstaining from any wrong doings, and also to make a resolution to abstain from it not only in Ramadan but carry it forward into our lives every day. Eid is the celebration that follows; Eid is a reminder of your belief in the almighty and the sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim. Eid is also a reminder of your faith in Allah. It is the time for family and friends to come together to celebrate the month of Ramadan.

Growing up, what was your fondest memory of Eid?
We would wait for Eidi from our elders. Our colony friends, whole bunch of us would collect the money and go for boat rides on Dal Lake, in Kashmir.

Do you have a special family tradition which only your family carries out for Eid?

All traditions involving Eid are so special and dear, we get so busy and engrossed in the festivities. My family and household also believe Eid is the time for charity.


What was a typical iftaari meal like in your home?

We break our fast with water and khajoor(dates). I go and say my prayers first. I personally have porridge with almond milk and dry fruits. I head to the gym for a light workout after an hour. My wife prepares a non-veg meal after that. Though recently Ammaara joins us for iftaar as well and once in a while we do indulge ourselves in bhajias.

Filming for long hours is difficult as is it, how do actors manage to observe Ramadan while shooting?

Alhamdulillah the month of Ramadan is magic, I have tried fasting in other months which feels a lot harder. Allah gives you a lot of energy in this month; And Allah is kind as, I do not get tired.

Actors are always traveling for work, was there ever a time you had spend an Eid away from family?
My initial years, when I shifted to Mumbai were tough as I was away from home but since I got married, Eid has always been with my wife and daughter.