Posted on July 18, 2015 at 12:04 am

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Akshay Kumar is Bollywood’ authentic Action Hero!

Indian cinema superstar Akshay Kumar has silenced the critics who have claimed that the quality of stunts in Bollywood films are lacklustre and not to the exacting standards of Hollywood action films. Akshay, who is renowned for his breathtaking, adrenaline-fuelled stunts, has once again showcased his action credentials in his forthcoming film ‘Brothers’. 

akshay kumar

Brothers used the same expert stunt team as Hollywood film Warriors, and it would appear that the Hollywood team were so impressed by the quality of the stunts in Brothers, that they even go as far as to say that the end results in Brothers are far superior to the original. Akshay Kumar told the media:

‘The stunt team from L.A. which did our action scenes in Brothers said we surpassed the quality of fights that were shot in the original Hollywood film Warrior!! So that’s definitely a film for the world audience to look forward to.’

Are you ready to see another action packed film with Akshay and Sid? We sure are!