Posted on July 21, 2015 at 12:35 am

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Adhyayan Suman pulls of a long car sequence in two weeks!

Adhyayan Suman has been working extra hard these days. While shooting for a sequence for his upcoming film DNA of Love, the actor went for an unexpected long drive which lasted a total of 14 days!

Adhyayan Suman 1

The drive was for a particular sequence of the film in which he had to drive all the way to his lady love’s place.

The sequence was complex and required many cameras to capture the actor’s expressions as well as the drag sequence. Also, director Amit Kasaria wanted to shoot it in the most professional manner on par with Hollywood projects. So, he had cameras stationed outside the vehicle on both the sides, one in the back and two cameras on the bonnet of the car. They chose a smooth isolated street in the suburbs and shot it in the wee hours of the night everyday for two weeks.

“It was tough for me to balance the speed of the car with the cameras
around it and sync my expressions according to the sequence. But
because Amit wanted to shoot the action sequence in a perfect manner,
I gave it my best shot,”

says Adhyayan.

DNA of Love is based on the events taking place over the course of a single night in the life of Adhyayan’s character.