Posted on June 29, 2015 at 4:04 am

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“This season has more strong contestants compared to previous seasons” – Rizwan Sikander

Rizwan Sikander is a man with many skills as we have seen in MTV’s Roadies X2. The actor became the last standing Roadie from Karan Kundra’s gang and came in third place. We got a chance to go over Rizwan’s Roadies’ journey with him and also got to know his future plans as well.

How was your journey on Roadies?

My journey was mind-blowing. This will forever be one of the best experiences of my life. For an adventure and thrill seeker, such as myself, this was the best outlet for me. Bike riding with your gang on the open road, meeting new people, exploring spiritual venues, engaging in friendly competition, and most of all, learning more about my capabilities…what more can one ask for?

Rizwan Sikander Finale 2

Is there anything you would do differently if you could back in time?

Having lost in the “semi-final,” I would just want to perform better in stage 1 of the finale and earn the ultimate roadie title.

What was it like being in Karan Kundra’s gang?

All of our gang members come from different backgrounds, it is amazing how we all bonded so quickly and so well. Hussain motivates me with her existence as an authentic woman. Ajay is brother for life, I’ve met his family and see what an incredible man he is. Bhuvan is known as dashing, but he is innocent yet wild at heart. Then our addition Ishpy, she’s is a sweetheart with a zest for life. We are blessed to have been recognized by Karan because without his eye, we would have never crossed paths. Being part of this gang was a gift.

You were the last standing contestant from Karan’s gang. How does that feel?

Looking back, I can say I am still on cloud 9. Throughout the journey, I kept giving my best in all aspects and survived. Karan has always believed in me and supported me so it feels good to have made him proud.

What are some lessons that you learned from the judges that you will always remember?

I have learned a lot from them, especially Rannvijay sir; he forced me to be alert in all aspects and ready for the any kind of twists. He a mastermind and truly a jack-of-all-trades, all while remaining humble. Most of all, he is fun to be around.

Vijju sir is another gem of a person: humble, calm, and composed. As tough his as his boxing personality is, he has a soft heart. This balance is something we all need to have.

Esha ma’am is so cute, head strong and supportive; I know, all different things! Her support for everyone is so pure, in competition that is something I admired and learned.

Karan is like an elder brother to me. He young, smart, dashing and intelligent. We communicate in our own way and it’s the support from him, which focuses me.

Rizwan Sikander Finale 1

What was the atmosphere like between the contestants? Was it very competitive?

Indeed, it was very competitive. As you may have noticed, this season had more strong contestants compared to previous seasons. Everyone was so fit and dying to win the title.

What was the most challenging aspect of Roadies for you?

Surviving, learning, competing and winning respect all at the same time.

If you could pick a winner out of all the contestants on Roadies this season, who would you have picked other than yourself?


Who would you say was your toughest competition in Roadies?

Rajat, Prince and Gurmeet.

Have you taken up any project that you can talk about?

Few projects are under pipeline, when the time is right everyone will know. For starters, there’s something brewing with Ishq Bector (winks).

Any message for your fans?

I know everyone says it, but thank you! When you take on the Roadies challenge, all you have is your gang and gang leader and soon I was standing alone, but the love and support I get on social media has become a great motivator. Whether I can inspire someone or just bring a smile to your face with my silly adventures, I read everything and appreciate all the support. So again, thank you! This is just the beginning.