Posted on June 21, 2015 at 4:25 am

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The Inbox puts 'Cavalcade' in your box!

I came across an unusual tune on SoundCloud, not your average Urban Asian song, but one with an  Electronic and Indie feel which made me press repeat a few times. I started bobbing my head, tapping my feet and I was transported to my high school years which were filled with rock/metal music that made you want to dance like no one was watching. I remember playing tunes in the car Senior year with a friend who enjoyed the band Linkin Park but this is a whole new sound – super unique! Who are these guys and where did they come from? Well, they call themselves The Inbox!


As the band members told Urban Asian –  the team had quite a random discussion which led to the creation of their band. How about that! Looks like their quick decision was worth it! Check out the tune here and on iTunes! Trust me the tune got me tapping my feet and yours will be too! Take our word for it!

The Inbox happened to meet in 2014 and one that required the usually uneventful  315 mile trek between Chicago and Ohio – two lifelong friends made a drunken declaration to one another:

“Hey man! Ya know, we should make some music together someday? ::takes sip of beer:: Sure, why not.”

Half a year later and The Inbox (The Midwest Duo made up of Ronak Sheth– Drums/Synth/Producer and Jason Vanover-Vocals/Keyboards/Guitars) are set to release their first collaboration in the form of “This Side or The Other”. A collection of songs crafted by sending ideas back and forth (hence the appropriate name) to one another.

IMG_3736What materialized is a 7-song trajectory that tells a story in both its sound and lyrical content. On May 26th, they released their first single off of the EP, Cavalcade. Keep it locked for more updates!