Posted on June 27, 2015 at 12:00 am

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Say what? Pop Star Daler Mehndi is an addict?

What has happened to Daler Mehndi? Has he fallen into addiction? But what kind of addiction is this? Has someone hacked his account? These are some of the questions that were making rounds in peoples’ mind for so long, and on 21st June,2015 they got all the answers to their questions.On 21st June, Sunday morning at 10 AM, Daler Mehndi in an interview with Radio Mantra told his listeners that today is World Music Day and I want to tell my listeners that music is what I am addicted to 24×7, and if you want to get high, get high on music. After this confession, Daler Mehndi released his new single Music Ka Nasha on Radio Mantra. In fact, Daler Mehndi is the brand ambassador for United Nation Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and Radio Manta has joined hands with them for the campaign called #MusicKaNasha.

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The drug business is thriving in India and the youth of the nation has been indulging in drugs to some extent. The head of Radio Mantra, Shari Ali Zahir said that the situation is critical and it is required that we take some stern measures against this issue for The Ultimate Gold.

So, what could be a better day for starting the #MusicKaNasha campaign than World Day Against Drug on June 26th?

Radio Mantra has always entertained its audiences but in a responsible manner. Famous Bollywood actor Emraan Hashmi and famous Bollywood producer/director have also joined Daler Mehndi and Radio Mantra in this cause. Through social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, many people engaged with the campaign by using the hashtag #MusicKaNasha.

Music Ka Nasha Ad-3

Famous singer Neha Kakkar posted a video on YouTube using the hashtag #MusicKaNasha.You can also use the same hashtag and post your messages and videos on Daler Mehndi and Radio Mantra’s Facebook.

Daler Mehndi’s
fans were relieved to hear this confession from him and now the whole country is ready to indulge in #MusicKaNasha. And remember, say no to drugs!

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