Posted on June 19, 2015 at 8:24 pm

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Music: Sherrin Varghese tells the 'Baadal' not to cry.

A long time ago when we started we followed a band called A Band of Boys who are based in Mumbai and many of the members of this band have been creative by doing some single tunes as well. One band member named Sherrin Varghese who has known to create and perform live electronic events decided to take it down a notch with a romantic tune called ‘Baadal’.

Well since it’s Monsoon season we might as well turn up some romantic rain/cloud songs and sit at home sipping on our tea. Hey who wouldn’t want to do that? Kick back and relax, have some chai and some Parle G cookies and turn on this beautiful song which he has created. That’s a pretty good idea – wouldn’t you say?

Check out Baadal and let us know what you of this beautiful tune!

Sherrin Varghese produces and performs live vocal electronica on all sub genres of Electronic Dance Music and with his rock-led voice, he curates his own brand of Electro Pop, Complextro, Downtempo, Glitch Hop, Tech House, & Deep music! Seems like one is creative in all areas of music! In the past, he’s been part of India’s 1st & only Boy band, A Band of Boys, with 5, albums, 1 Bollywood film, & 15 years in the business, as a professional singer, musician & entertainer. He’s one of India’s few pop star artistes, successfully striding both an acting & a singing career.

And today he gives you this romantic tune to connect with the clouds! So what are you waiting for? Turn up this romantic tune and grab your partner and dance in the Monsoon weather!

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