Posted on June 2, 2015 at 10:24 pm

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Leaf Launches SAFER , Jewelry that Keeps Women Safe!

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Ever feel like you are being watched or followed when your on the streets of India or even if it’s in any other country? Some woman do and with the news and media writing stories about rape and issues which have happened in India and Pakistan along with many areas of the world , many young students are creating the next best product to allow people to be safer. Leaf Launched ‘Safer’ an app which will allow people to live in a safer community and to help reach the woman who need it by being tracked.


If a woman feels threatened, all she has to do is press her SAFER twice. This will send out an alert to pre-selected people called Guardians, who will then be able to track her movement in real-time on maps. A woman can also enable the alert to go out to other SAFER app users (the SAFER community) so that more people can come to her assistance. The larger the community, the quicker help will reach the woman who needs it.

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“SAFER will sharply bring down the incidence of molestation and rape, including the thousands of cases that go unreported, because help will be able to reach the woman in time. It will also act as a strong deterrent in several cases.” says Ayush Banka, Director of Innovation at Leaf.

The SAFER pendant works with the SAFER app on the wearer’s mobile phone.

“There is no question of forgetting your SAFER. Your phone will remind you to wear your SAFER and your SAFER will remind you to carry your phone,” says Paras Batra, Director of Sales and Marketing. “

SAFER is silent, so the aggressor doesn’t know it is being pressed.


Other features include SaferWalk, where the woman can choose the beginning and end point of her commute, and select a Guardian who will then be able to SaferWalk with her in real-time on maps, till she reaches her destination. Women and their families no longer need to indulge in ‘Where are you and when will you get home?’ calls and texts. SaferWalk frees up time and energy.

To encourage women to wear and use their SAFERs on a regular basis, SAFER also has the Notifications feature, which ensures that their SAFER buzzes when they receive an important call, message or email. SAFER also allows the wearer to take selfies. Frame the selfie with your phone, click your SAFER pendant once, and get the perfect selfie!


Leaf aims to improve the quality of life by making the world a safer place to live, learn and work.

“Our aim is to put a SAFER in every woman’s hands, so she is empowered to live freely, fully, and, of course, safely,” says Avinash Bansal, Director of Operations.

More information and pre-orders here!

So what are you waiting for people! Go get the product and protect yourself! #BeSafe #Safer

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