Posted on June 23, 2015 at 10:53 am

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Kangana Takes a Yoga Retreat!

Kangana’s unforgettable remarkable performances have put her at the top of b-towns favorite co-star and actress. There is no doubt her ability to dig deep into her characters and create all types of emotions on-screen is purely an art she can pull off! And like always, she has done the same for her upcoming film, Katti Batti as her character Payal.



According to our sources, she needed to take a retreat after shooting the intense scenes for the film.

Our little birdie tells us  that Katti Batti is far from being a fluffy and superficial rom-com. The trailer has received loads of responses from everyone, including the industry. The film is actually an intense love story with a type of simplicity.

Till date, this is Kangana’s most challenging role and it had a large chunk of scenes that were performance focused yet extremely emotionally draining. After she finished shooting the intense scenes, she decided to take a ten-day break for a Yoga Retreat in an undisclosed location in Kerala before her next schedule. She needed to detach herself from Payal’s experiences and needed to get back to herself without any disturbances. She didn’t carry her phones or laptops and closed herself out from everyone for ten days just to realign her energies and ease herself out.