Posted on June 10, 2015 at 3:46 am

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Imran Khan's daughter turns 1-years-old!

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It seems that with each passing day we’ve got another cherubic face to fall in love with in Bollywood. In recent times we’ve met Shilpa Shetty’s son, Vivek Oberoi’s new baby girl, Ritesh and Genelia’s son, Shah Rukh Khan’s son and now we’ve got Imran Khan’s daughter, Imara Khan!
imran khan, avantika malik khan, daughter imara Little Imara Khan turned 1-years-old today! Speaking about being new parents, Imran Khan and wife, Avantika Malik Khan have said that parenthood has been a lot of work but so enlightening at the same time, the two can’t believe their daughter is already 1! Imara arrived during a difficult time for the couple and she has been a blessing for them, the couple explains. Speaking about Imran’s transition to fatherhood, Avantika told Hindustani Times,

“For him (Imran), it has freed him of a lot of things about the film industry that were holding him back. It has been liberating. Through this process, I have realised that you cannot take it all so seriously. Everyone needs to chill out. This is our reality — him, me and our child.”

imran khan, avantika malik khan, daughter imara

Coming from a Bollywood family, the couple has also mentioned they are inspired by uncle Aamir Khan’s parenting style. Avantika said in a Hindustani Times interview,

“I think I am going to take a page out of Reena (Imran’s maternal uncle, Aamir Khan’s ex-wife) and Aamir’s life. They have done a marvellous job with Junaid and Ira (Aamir and Reena’s children). Kiran (Rao; Aamir’s wife) and Aamir are also doing a fabulous job with Azad (Aamir and Kiran’s son). It is all about how you are at home with them (children). If we can instil a basic value system from the beginning, then we should be good. I don’t want her to be a little princess because that would really upset me. All of this is earned by Imran. The house is a blessing from his grandfather, but this lifestyle is earned by him. I hope that she observes the way we live our lives and learns. “

The couple hopes to keep little Imara grounded and humble, we are sure these lovely parents are going to do a great job. But how are they celebrating her first birthday? Since Imara loves to run and climb, she and her buddies will be having a party at a play gym! Then the family is off to Europe for a 3 week vacation! That’s quite a birthday celebration! We wish little Imara a beautiful and healthy birthday!

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