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” I want to do work that challenges me, scared me and excited me. “- Ridhi Dogra

Ridhi Dogra is a television actress best known for her role in the hit show Maryada. The unique show touched upon issues that are taboo in Indian society, they broke barriers and made Ridhi a household name. But what do you really know about Ridhi? Did you know she was a dancer trained at the Shiamak Davar dance institute? Check out our interview with the lovely Ridhi to find out all the details!


Ridhi Dogra

Q: You started your career as a dancer, how was it being a part of the Shiamak Davar dance institute?
Ridhi: It was probably the most important thing I decided on doing as a college kid. Because it gave me direction in life. Dancing pulled me there and I went on to being trained to be a shiamak davar instructor when I quit to study further and had to move from New Delhi to Bombay. While dancing and doing stage shows with Shiamak I realized I had an interest in the way the events were being executed and loved all the backstage hustle bustle and that’s when I decided to do a post graduation in mass com in events and pr. and that got me to Bombay. So yes, my years at SDIPA were very useful.

Q: What made you decide to switch from dancing to acting?
Ridhi: I wasn’t dancing as a job. It was something I did till my post graduation. After which I moved to events and PR. So I shifted from behind the camera to in front. I took up acting as I got that opportunity on its own. And I chose to try it because I have always liked to try new things and not be bound. Kinda like seize the day. And that’s how I got into acting. And now I’m addicted.

Q: You’ve also worked behind the scenes, how was that experience?
Ridhi: My first and only job before I became an actor was at zoom television where I started as an intern in the events team, went on to do sales and marketing, programming and styling too. It was a blessed experience. Zoom was buzzing with great talent back then. So I really got a great deal. Learned so much from each of them as I got the chance to explore so many avenues in one place. It has prepared me for everything.

Q: If you weren’t an actor or dancer what would you be?
Ridhi: Probably running a channel or a fashion magazine.

Akshay Dogra and Ridhi Dogra

Q: Your brother Akshay is also an actor, how was it making your way into the industry together? Did you help each other out? Share tips?
Ridhi: For both of us our journey was personal and individualistic but similar. While I was in college he was already working with ndtv and cnn in delhi. He also assisted on few films. His dream is to make films. Acting happened to him along the way and like me he chose to grab the opportunity as well. We didn’t really share tips or anything but have always been there for one another. We are like friends since we were kids and that hasn’t changed.

Q: Have you ever considered going into movies?
Ridhi: Of course I will do movies. But I won’t do movies in desperation or because I have any sort of pressure as a popular TV actor to be seen in films. I want to do work that challenges me, scared me and excited me. Roles, parts that are substantial to the story telling and be part of good team. It doesn’t matter how big or small the part is as long as I do something that will be important to the flow of the film. You’ll definitely see me doing something good in the future.

ridhi dogra and raqesh

Q: One of your most popular roles to date is Priya in Maryada, what was it like playing Priya?
Ridhi: A very important show for me. I learnt how not to look like you are acting from there. It taught me so much about the various nuances and aspects of story telling. Priya was a difficult character and playing her was definitely challenging. Actually that character and show spoiled me as after Maryada I have only chosen to do work that isn’t the norm and challenges me.

Q: What has been your favorite role to play thus far? Which was the most fun?
Ridhi: All have been fun in different ways.. most memorable had been Priya from maryada till now.

Q: How do you prepare for a role? Do you do extensive research?
Ridhi: I understand the character from the creative and writers. Ask lots of questions and prepare a backstory, them I let the character organically feel the situations and react to the circumstances.

Q: How was your experience on Khatron Ke Khiladi?
Ridhi: Probably the most out of body experience. People do so much to gain a perspective, go on multiple adventure journeys to understand their purpose in lives or just to live differently than their regular lives. I got all of that in one month of KKK. I have come back with a far deeper understanding about myself and about life. And in that process made friends for life. Feel really grateful for the experience

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Q: You’ve just entered the award winning show Diya Aur Baati Hum, tell us more about your character?
Ridhi: Aditi Kashyap is the owner of a kabbadi team. She’s going to be instrumental in helping Sooraj’s character realize his dream of starting his hotel. I’ve chosen to play her in a fresh way, she isn’t reacting to situating how television characters react. She behaves and talks and reacts very naturally and organically. It’s definitely interesting to be able to do that in a show where every character reacts with either a baggage or agenda.

Q: How is it working with the rest of the Diya Aur Baati Hum team?
Ridhi: It’s a great team. Deepika is a sweetheart. She has always been warm towards me and Raqesh whenever she met us before. Anas is also sweet. The director Maqbool is an old friend. He was the chief director on Raqesh’s first film Tum Bin and my director on Savitri. Rituraj Sir is a laugh riot. So shooting this show has been nothing short of a joyride.

It’s been great chatting with Ridhi! We’d like to thank her for her time and the rest of you guys keep it locked for more updates and interviews!