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“Humility is what brings your characters to life!” – Kunal Bakshi

With shows such as Ek Boond Ishq, Aahat, Sadda Haq and Shh…Phir Koi Hai under his belt, Kunal Bakshi has made a name for himself in the industry as a versatile actor. Now he is seen playing the evil villain of Baal Veer. Unlike his bad man character in Sab TV’s Baal Veer, Kunal Bakshi is one of the most down to earth actors in the industry. Here is a peak inside the kind heart of this evil villain.

Kunal Bakshi

You have work in both daily soaps and episodics. What is the major in preparing for the two?

Daily soaps and episodics are pretty much the same. The only difference is that when doing a daily soap you have more time to understand and shape the character which episodic shows are not able to permit due to time constraints. As for personal preference, I enjoy doing both equally.

A few months ago you did an episode of Aahat where you played the ghost of an obsessive lover. do you believe in ghosts. If so, what would you do if something like this happened to you?

Yes I do believe in ghosts! I encountered two incidents involving the supernatural both of which occurred on sets. Once I’m Jaisalmer (Meera) and once in Dhoulpur (Shh..Phir Koi Hai). During the shoot of Meera I was swimming alone at 1 AM and the water around me started flowing as if someone else was right next to me. It was horrific. Again in Dhoulpur I was out at 3 AM, looking at a painting and suddenly I felt the king’s eyes move around in the picture. It really freaked me out but then I remind myself that there is no greater power than God Almighty.

Kunal Bakshi

What is one take home lesson you have learned from your career as an actor?
The one thing I’ve learned is to never quit. The only way you can be a good actor is if you are a good human being therefore you should remain grounded because humility is what your characters feel and it brings them to life.

You are now a part of Baal Veer on Sab TV. What is it like working with the children on set?
Working with kids is truly awesome. They generate so much positive energy on sets. You start feeling like a kid yourself and let me tell you it’s super fun! These kids especially are so talented and sweet. Even though I’m playing a negative character they love me and I love them!


Kunal Bakshi


What is the most memorable experience you had working on Bal Veer?
The most memorable experience is when the kids get a home cooked meal and share it with everyone. The entire unit of Baal Veer is so sweet. They make you feel right at home. At times, the kids even play cricket in between shots and then there are always selfie sessions every now and then.

If you could go back in time and relive any day of your life, what day would it be?
If I could go back in time I would definitely use it to spend as much time with my dad as possible. He left is in 2006 so I did not get much time with him. I wanted him to see my success but I am sure that he is smiling down on me from heaven and is extremely proud of me. I love you dad!

Social media is on the rise these days with news and actors being readily available to fans. What is your take on that?
I believe that social media is a good medium for attaining instant reactions from fans. It helps us determine how much a character is loved or hated so we can improve upon our work. We must remember that it is because these fans that we are who we are today and I love my audience for that.

You are among the fittest actors in the industry. What fitness tips would you give to your fans?
I am a pure vegetarian who believes in a natural diet. I feel that a home cooked meal is the best thing you can ingest and I steer clear of protein shakes. As for physical activity, I cycle, jog, go to the gym or play football (soccer) at least three to four times a week.

Message to fans?
To my fans I say this, we are here because of you. Keep loving us and blessing us. As long as I have your blessings I will continue to entertain you until my last breath. Remain smiling and respect those around you. Lots of love to you all. God bless!

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