Posted on June 28, 2015 at 12:04 am

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“Divyanka Tripathi is the Tulsi of today!” – Vivek Dahiya

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’s recent addition, Vivek Dahiya, has managed to sweep the audiences of their feet with his wit, charm and dabangg cop attitude. The dashing actor who is rumored to be Mihika’s (Mihika Verma) new love interest on the show add to the flavor of love which Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is famous for. We chatted with the actor to find out what in store for Abhishek and Mihika fans in the future. Here’s what he had to say!

Vivek Dahiya

Earlier, you played an obsessive cop in Veera. How does it feel to be playing a good cop?

It was an invaluable experience and challenge to play a negative role as my first main parallel lead role in Veera – the negative attention it garnered from the passionate fans of Veera and the compliments that shone through the hatred for the character was motivating and just inspired me to engross myself further into the role! Now in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein coming in as a positive ACP, it is the flip side – the immediate increase in appreciation and love from existing supporters from this already popular show has been phenomenal! There’s been beautiful messages coming in from all over the globe and I appreciate every single one.

What attracted you to the character of Abhishek?

The role of Abhishek seemed like a nice next stepping stone for the acting journey – being already accepted as a ‘cop’ – it was a good opportunity to explore the acting capabilities of a benevolent demeanor. Also, being a bit like Mr. Bachchan from Dhoom – I am a plain-clothed ACP so I have a chance to play about and explore with the character’s style on the show.

Vivek Dahiya

In what ways are you like Abhishek?
I link myself to Abhishek in the manner that he goes out of his way to help out certain individuals on the show (beyond his responsibilities as an ACP). I am the same as a person and can go out of my way to help my family and loved ones. Also, being a lover of kick-boxing, I have got to say I love the scenes where I get to catch a criminal on the show and get a bit ruffled up.

The audience is loving the possibility of Abhishek and Mihika’s pairing. How long will they have to wait before their ultimate confession?

The excitement for the pairing of Abhishek and Mihika is amazing! The edits and videos on YouTube regarding this are so lovely to see. However, I love to keep the suspense and shall tell everyone to stay tuned and keep watching the show to find out!

There are rumors of Ashok turning positive in the future. If Abhishek had to battle it out with Ashok for Mihika’s love what would he do to charm her?

I shan’t humor a rumor! I hope for the supporters of the couple Abhishek and Mihika that Ashok doesn’t succeed haha.
Whom have you bonded with on set so far? Everybody is so lovely and warm. In recent scenes, bonding with Mihika Varma (Mihika), Shruti Bapna (Vandita), Aly Goni (Romi) and Karan Patel (Raman) have been so much fun – even if it did mean getting soaked in the rains!

Vivek Dahiya

Audiences recently saw Abhishek trying to make Mihika jealous by stating that his colleague was his girlfriend. Have you have tried to do that with any of your crushes?

Maybe! I’ve always been a little playful, just more fun that way! In the words of my character Abhishek “Let her sulk a little… burn a little!”

If you were given the chance to play any superhero in a movie which superhero would you like to be and why?

It most definitely has to be Superman. The ability to fly (even if it was simulated) and having an aerial view of the beauty of a city would be fantastic! Besides… who wouldn’t want to have an alter-ego as cool as Superman?

Vivek Dahiya

Rapid Fire
Describe the following people in one word:

Divyanka Tripathi– pretty.. Tulsi of today

Karan Patel– witty

Mihika Verma– beautiful

Anita Hassnandani– lovely

Amit Tandon– multi-talented

Sports cars or bike? Sports car!

Desi food or Continental? Healthy, doesn’t matter what cuisine.

Summer or Winter? Winter I love the cloudy, dull and gray weather.

Sweet or Spicy (food)? Medium spicy

Message for your fans?

The global support has been on another level and I thank each and every supporter for their unconditional love and support! Come and connect with me on my page and I look forward to interact with you more.