Posted on June 29, 2015 at 3:29 am

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Check out how Dark Is Divine and Rotaract clubs redefine beauty worldwide!

Dark is Divine is a global movement, designed to ignite a conversation to fight colorism and Body Image Anxiety by redefining society’s unrealistic standards of beauty. Dark is Divine recently collaborated with Rotaract club and is gearing up to celebrate International Week of Redefining Beauty (June 29-July 3), for the first time in history. The celebration is a week long event that aims at celebrating beauty beyond shades, shapes and sizes.

There will be special awareness drives which are going to take place in more than 25 countries throughout the week in which more than 35 Rotaract clubs are participating to generate a mass awareness and to redefine the unrealistic standards of beauty through positive messages regarding body image.

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There will be two fundamental sessions via Dark is Divine Talk Radio (worldwide) in which a Lebanese Therapist/Healer, Ms. Abeer will be talking about Self-Acceptance, along with Ms. Gul Qaiser, a renowned cosmetic physician and dermatologist trained from Australia, who will be shedding light upon the topic of Redefining Beauty.

Convener Dark is Divine, Ms. Fatima Lodhi quotes that Redefining Beauty is one of the thematic areas  of Dark is Divine, that aims to redefine the unrealistic standards of “beauty” which have been set by the society and propagated by the media in the forms of unfair advertisements.

Redefining Beauty!

It has been witnessed globally, that the majority of girls, women, boys and men as well, don’t feel happy and are not satisfied with the size and shape of their bodies as well as the color of their skin, or they are somehow bullied on the basis of their looks and are living with an inferiority complex, where they view themselves from others perspective and are not comfortable in their own skin. Such complexes lead to poor health decisions, no self-confidence, low self-esteem and feelings of depression and anxiety.

Ms. Lodhi further claims that being a Rotaractor, she was recently interviewed by an international magazine The Rotarian for her work under Dark is Divine and soon after the interview she was contacted by several Rotaract clubs to have a collaborative event regarding Redefining Beauty, therefore she along with Mr. Zahid, E.D Dark is Divine and Rotaractor Nayela Naviz are holding these week long activities in collaboration with more than 35 Rotaract clubs.

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Mr. Zahid claims that for the first time, not only in the history of Pakistan, but Asia that an international week of redefining beauty is being celebrated, that too on such a large scale across the globe and it will help in generating more awareness and help teach the masses to recognize their true worth and understand that everyone is beautiful.

Rtr. Nayela adds that such events with powerful messages are in dire need at this time. Ms. Lodhi says that this event wouldn’t have been taking place on such a large scale without the support of Rotractors. She ends with a strong message that:

“Beauty comes in no predefined shade, shape or size”.