Posted on May 7, 2015 at 1:40 pm

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Twitter war: Rishi Kapoor vs. Ajaz Khan!

The news has been bursting with fans and celebrities alike reaching out their support for Salman Khan. Though even supporters have differences of opinions. We’ve already seen the hilarious Rishi Kapoor’s Twitter skills, well it seems that television personality Ajaz Khan didn’t know what he got himself into when he responded to Rishi’s tweets!

Rishi Kapoor tweeted the following:

The Kapoors are with the Khans in their difficult time. Time is the biggest healer. God Bless!

Ashamed of Abhijit the singer and some Ejaz Khan. Bunch of idiots and non starters. How does Times Now get these losers on Prime Time

Sorry to say but only wannabe Chamchas of Salman siding him with ridiculous support.Hum bhi well wishers hain but give logical explanations

Unemployed wannabe unemployed actors Feroz Ahjaaz Dalip Naseer Abdullha are not spokespersons of films  

My saying Chamchas was for Abhijeets inhuman comment and Ejaaz saying about the law.People misunderstood me.I said am with Salman earlier


 Ajaz Khan originally tweeted, the following but after getting a lot of negative remarks it seems the took down the tweet:

To hell with INDIAN law our Government is responsible for this. Garibo ko ghar do they sleep so close to the road.

Later he tweeted in response to Rishi and more on his opinions:

ajaz khan 1 ajaz khan 2 ajaz khan 3

Fans have created a frenzy on BOTH sides, rising up for their favorite actor. Who’s side are you on, Ajaz or Rishi?