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The Tanu Weds Manu Returns Film Review!

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Whether you had the chance to see the first part or not of the Tanu and Manu craziness, you must see the second part!

I am always afraid to see Indian filmmakers bring a sequel to the big-screen, but director, Anand L. Rai turned that idea in my head around and executed a wonderful story of Tanu and Manu’s love-story. Just as the first film, there was comedy, tragedy and lots of Punjabi and Haryanvi confusion-chaos! It was the exact kind of film I was in need of seeing after attending two back-to-back weddings!


Every time I see a Kangana Ranaut film, I want to get up and go hug her. She has never failed to awe me by her fantastic performances. From her first film to this past Friday she has always brought a whole new flavor of acting on-screen. Kangana has a double role in this film, there’s the original character we all already know, Tanuja Trivedi or also known as, Tanu! And then there is a new character we are introduced to, Kusum Sangwan, also known as Datto. We already know Tanu as the girl with all the ‘masala’ and then there’s Datto, who is a quirky girl with very strict goals in mind. There was a point while I was watching the film and forgot both the characters were played by Kangana, it was that amazing!


Alongside Kangana, her partner in crime R. Madhavan who is in full contemplation throughout the film towards his relationship with his wife, Tanu, brings a humble-charm to his character and you can never hate his character Manu. I have always been a fan of Madhavan’s acting and really wish he would come in more films. I could never see any other person play the role of Manu other than him.


Screenplay writer, Himanshu Sharma, must have the skill to write the perfect dialogues when it comes to comical-sarcastic lines. Like the first film, I was hysterically laughing throughout the film even during a sad scene, especially at Deepak Dobriyal who plays the role of Pappi and Manu’s best friend! Along with Pappi, all the supporting actors made the film and the story of the film complete. Swara Bhaskar also one of my favorite supporting actresses who plays Payal, put together the right amount of attitude and emotion towards her character as Tanu’s best friend and now Jassi’s wife and mother to her child. We got to see all the old characters from the first film back four years later in their lives and again helping their friends, Tanu and Manu get their lives back in action.


I truly loved the Romantic-Comedy Drama film, because this film defines what a rom-com is and it was lovely to see. Don’t miss this film, it’s a must watch of 2015 and will definitely hit my top favorite films of this year! Props to the entire Tanu Weds Manu Return’s team for making a part 2!


Urban Asian’s review of Tanu Weds Manu Return’s is

5 stars


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