Posted on May 5, 2015 at 10:07 pm

Bollywood Featured What's Happenin'

The Stars of Bollywood on Posters of Hollywood – B-Town to H-Town!

Hollywood is the final destination for every actor. Considering the fact that the world is crazy for Hollywood actors, most actors suffice with cameos too. However, we also have actors in Bollywood who have put their shoulders to the wheel to touch the Hollywood doors. Out of the lot, a few ring the bell and land up roles, and a pinch make it big. Having said that, we now have a bunch of celebs that have not only made it big in Hollywood but also have been a major part of movie promotions and film posters in Hollywood too. Our Indian talent is literally making it big internationally and have been getting good amount of recognition overseas. To an actor, more than a role matters the recognition they get out of it.

Hollywood is struck by Bollywood’s charm; however, in no time fail to use it when required to promote their movies worldwide. As Indians are settled all over the world, this is one way for them to hold the audience. We have a list of Bollywood biggies who have made a mark with their screen time in Hollywood and have been a major success in the movie promotion trails too. For e.g.:

Amitabh Bachhan: The Great Gatsby 

Amitabh-Bachchan-in-The-Great-gatsby-showbizbites  Irrfan Khan: Jurassic World, Inferno

db_fotog_19390Tina Desai: The second best exotic Marigold hotel 

BEMH2_12485.jpgAnil Kapoor: Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol


Om Puri: 100 foot journey 


Aishwarya Rai: Pink Panther, Bride and Prejudice


Question is now will we now be seeing these Desi actors on Hollywood Posters this 2015? Stay tuned for some surprises from actors who are about to get some signed deals!