Posted on May 7, 2015 at 2:32 am

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Rizwan Sikander shares his heartbreak over the natural disaster in Nepal

Rizwan Sikander is recognized for his role on the television show Kayamath, was in Nepal recently while shooting for the reality show Roadies X2 on MTV India. Upon hearing the news of Nepal’s recent tragic earthquake, the actor was left in shock and ultimately heartbroken.

Once he gathered his emotions and thoughts, Rizwan shared, “The people and the atmosphere of Nepal inspired me and treated me with such kindness. Roadies X2 is a grueling show and Nepal helped me get through it. The earthquake and devastation are heartbreaking. We must help the country recover.”

According to sources and the recent glimpses at the reality show tasks, Rizwan was shooting for Roadies X2 when he was given the task to entertain and feed the locals. Many of the cast and crew of Roadies X2 loved the amiable and good nature of the Nepalese people. Adopting Nepal as the home base was a privilege. Roadies cast and crew stayed in the country for a short period of time and returned home. It is upon settling back in their respective cities that the earthquake has hit Nepal adding to the shock.

Rizwan has done cameos in some of the leading shows and even participated in a dance reality show Aaja Mahi Vay. Many will recognize him from his win in Fear Factor India.