Posted on May 7, 2015 at 8:19 pm

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Rishi Kapoor to leave Twitter.. again!?

Rishi Kapoor is ready to quit the micro-blogging site Twitter once again. The actor had returned to Twitter about three months ago after a five-year hiatus and has not shied away from telling it like it is – from his point of view anyways.

Rishi Kapoor

Unfortunately, this has landed him in trouble a couple of times, more recently with the Salman Khan verdict. Rishi tweeted in support of Salman, but spoke out against comments made by a couple of supporters of Salman, Abhijeet and Ajaz Khan. Kapoor received a lot of hate from users, some assuming that he was speaking against Salman, while others took offense to his ‘unemployed’. comment towards Ajaz.

It seems all this was too much for Kapoor and he has decided to leave Twitter. The actor posted:

What are your thoughts on this?