Posted on May 24, 2015 at 11:41 pm

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Producer Waseem Stark gives you ‘Olivia Pope’ – A Summer Jam!

Summer is here and what better way to upload some summer jams on your iplayer! Around this time last summer, LA based producer Waseem Stark posted a song on Youtube called “Bad Girl”. Fast forward a few months and 6.7 million views later, Waseem is now the up-and-coming producer with a knack for penning hit records. It became a hit and many are still pressing the tune on Youtube! Looks like this Producer is on a role to some success!

Perched away in the valleys of Los Angeles, Mr. Stark has been reclusively working on a catalog of songs for his debut album, “New Stark City”. – Well that’s a pretty catch name!

For the lead single, Waseem has partnered up with a fresh-faced artist from Montreal, Samad. The two have collaborated to deliver the smash record, “Olivia Pope.” The urban-crossover hit boasts deep, damn near disrespectful tonal drums, off-set with bright synths, all held together with Samad’s tongue-in-cheek delivery of melodies and raps.

The release also marks the launch of Waseem’s private music club: Stark Ones Music Group. In a somewhat unprecedented move, Waseem plans on personally knowing and connecting with each one of his supporters, directly via his iPhone.

Joining the music club is free and not only gives you access to HD downloads/content unavailable anywhere else, but instantly adds your name directly in Waseem’s iPhone, giving you access to his direct line; meaning you can text, call or email Mr. Stark directly.

Stark tells about his new artist and what Olivia Pope is all about.

“Olivia Pope launches a brand new sound, a brand new artist, and most importantly, a brand new way of connecting with my fans.” Waseem Stark

Well fans let us know what you think of this summer jam! Get your dancing shoes ready because you might just press repeat on this tune!