Posted on May 22, 2015 at 12:30 am

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Pritam gets the perfect chicken for Salman!

Pritam, who has been working on the songs for the Salman Khan-starrer Bajrangi Bhaijaan wanted a ‘chicken’ score to be inserted in one of the songs and was on the lookout for the perfect sound. When asked about it, the ace music director shares,
“It’s a situation song which celebrates chicken and needed a lot of clucking sound with a few cock-a-doodle crows thrown in.”


After a long hunt for the perfect chicken sound, Pritam discovered two experts, Wylie Galt Gustafson from Montana, USA who is a yodeller famous for his chicken yodle song and the creator and voice of the signature Yahooo-oo-oo for Yahoo Inc; and the other is Nernhard Betschart, a leading Swiss yodeller. Although he cannot reveal the name of the song yet, Pritam spoke of the yodellers saying

“I contacted both of them and they agreed to collaborate with me on this song. We recorded on Skype and the song has come out really well… The tune came easily, but the lyrics were tricky and took time. It’s a situational song and integral to the plot. We wanted it to work for the story and also the audience, particularly kids since the film’s hero, Salman Khan has a huge kid fan base.”

Pritam, confessed that lyricist Mayur Puri had quite a hard time finding the correct words for the cock, hen and chicken in the song. Pritam is currently working on the remaining songs of the film, as he recorded this ‘chicken’ song some time ago.

“Now that Kabir (director Kabir Khan) is back from his shoot in Srinagar we will sit down and finalize the score. Cluck, cluck, I hope everyone likes the other songs as much as Salman and the rest of the team liked this one!”

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