Posted on May 7, 2015 at 3:39 am

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Oh no! The Mindy Project has been canceled!

It seems television will be getting quite a few heartbreaks this year. We still haven’t gotten over the fact that Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) has been killed off of Grey’s Anatomy and that Nina Dobrev is leaving The Vampire Diaries. Now we are hearing that Fox has canceled The Mindy Project after just three seasons!

The Mindy Project quickly became a favorite amongst viewers and unfortunately season three’s finale has ended on a total cliffhanger. We were left with Danny (Chris Messina) hopping on a plane to India to ask Mindy’s (Mindy Kaling) parents for their blessing. We haven’t even seen their baby yet!

The Mindy Project

There is some good news though. Fox canceling the series doesn’t mean that there won’t be a fourth season. The show is produced by NBC Universal and the studio has a right to pitch the show anywhere and reportedly Hulu could be a possibility as it is owned by NBC Universal. Apparently there are talks going on with Hulu.

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