Posted on May 10, 2015 at 3:30 pm

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Mothers Day tunes for Mothers Day!

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It’s Mothers day and we wanted to pay a tribute to all moms but not just moms, fathers as well! So many great tunes out of the Hindi Cinema world have portrayed songs about mothers and fathers and we owe it to them for everything. Here are some ‘Mum’, ‘Mummy’ ‘Mom’ tunes that you can enjoy today! Happy Mothers Day to all of us from! It’s a special one for us because our Co-Founder Roshni Patel was born on Mothers Day! So here are a list of some of our favorite Mother tunes in Bollywood! If it’s not on the list – let us know what your favorite Mommy tune is!

What are some of your favorite videos you love which talk about your mother?


Have a great Mothers Day!

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