Posted on May 8, 2015 at 2:57 am

Bollywood Featured What's Happenin'

"I want you to see what real artists do."-Kaly

American-Asian artist Kaly has been releasing one amazing video after another from his latest EP, Letters From Agrabah. Check out his latest release titled “Now Look (Wishin).”

Produced by longtime collaborator Gifted the Great, Kaly embarks on one of his most ambitious visuals yet – taking the viewer through the downtrodden areas of Bandra, India, with his music serving as only a backdrop. There is no hidden message, no well-thought-out plan, and no appearance by Kaly. Speaking about the video Kaly says,


“I want you to see what real artists do. In order to do that, I’m not in this video at all. Because this video is more important than my need to be seen. I am not here to preach, I simply want you to watch as lives unfold thousands of miles away. These children are oftentimes forgotten, and they deserve our attention.”


The idea was to simply showcase those who might never get this chance normally. Though we are all connected more than ever these days – they are the forgotten. The project is a reinterpretation of the classic Disney movie, Aladdin, and utilizes well-known and esoteric South-Asian samples in order to paint a picture of the modern day brown boy going from the bottom to the top. Check out “Now Look” and more from the EP Letters From Agrabah  on SoundCloud!

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