Posted on May 24, 2015 at 1:59 am

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Game Time: When Aamir Khan played Chess with the National Champion of the game!

Well he played Chess this past week and now he might just do a film about it? How cool would it be to see a film about Chess? Okay, we know some hate the game but trust me it’s a game that many actors love playing as it helps the mind! Don’t believe us? Well google it! Chess is a relaxation game that many don’t know about that helps the mind at ease. Earlier this week the actor was enjoying a match and well even though it was defeated by a world champ he still manage to play pretty well. Actor Aamir Khan, who has done a film around cricket and is now working on a movie on wrestling, hopes to feature in a project on chess, a game which he enjoys playing. The 50-year-old was present at the inauguration of the third edition of the Maharashtra Chess League here on Friday. On being asked if he’d like to do a film around chess, he said:

“I would love to do a film on the game of chess if a script comes to me. But I don’t work towards scripts. I like the scripts to come to me organically. Let’s see if something comes up.” Aamir added: “I love playing chess and play it whenever I gets the time. I play on a very amateur level but I love this game a lot.”

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As he loves Chess he also stated something about his co-star from “Dhoom: 3″ :

“Katrina Kaif to be a good competitor in chess. She is a good chess player. I almost lost when I played with her,” he said.

Looks like we know what Aamir Khan and Katrina love doing on the sets!