Posted on May 20, 2015 at 11:05 pm

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#FlatGate at Cannes! Women turned away for not wearing heels?

Cannes is bursting with controversy at the moment as a group of over 50 women were refused entry to the screening of Cate Blanchett’s Carol, a lesbian love story, because they were wearing flats! This wasn’t the only movie women were turned away from due to unacceptable footwear, there a few other instances and victims include the wife of a film director, attending his own film, numerous members of film companies in Cannes for work, and at least one woman who wore flat shoes for medical reasons. She was an amputee!

Of course women of the industry were in an uproar about this as it is a sexist ruling, why should women have to wear high heels to events? British actress Emily Blunt said she was very disappointed to hear that women were turned away for this reason. At a press conference Blunt said,

“Everyone should wear flats, to be honest, We shouldn’t wear high heels anyway. I prefer wearing Converse sneakers… It’s very disappointing, obviously. You kind of thought there were waves of people realising that women are just as fascinating and interesting to watch, and just as bankable as men.”

High heels is not just a fashion statement, high heels represent a woman’s femininity, her power, her sexuality and in many ways her submission as well. From binding women’s feet in China to be smaller to diva’s like Beyonce, Marilyn Monroe and more strutting their stuff in high heels, the footwear of women have been under high scrutiny for years.

A women should be able to wear whatever footwear she deems appropriate for a situation, shouldn’t she? What do you think of this controversy, leave us a comment!