Posted on May 9, 2015 at 2:26 pm

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Filmy Friday: Piku Review

For the past week, I have had a song from the film Piku on repeat, Journey Song. I quickly caught up with all the updates, behind the scenes and promotional interviews from the film this past week as well. I knew the film was going to be light-hearted and at some point in the film, I would probably shed a few tears.

If you know me well, you know my favorite kind of films are the simple ones with a really good message. Director, Shoojit Sircar and Screenplay writer, Juhi Chaturvedi took a simple subject, constipation, and developed a beautiful story out of it. I find myself often engrossed in everything but mainstream cinema and lately have noticed the cinema hall packed in a non-mainstream cinematic film. Today the audience was focused on the story because the story was so grasping and most importantly any person in the world can relate to the topic of the film.


Piku is not just about constipation though, it is a certain kind of lifestyle the audience is taken on and it is surely not a lavish one. We get to see a common relation most Indian’s come across at one point in their lives and it is a son or daughter having to take care of their parent(s). It is an experience, a journey and a battle, but Piku played by Deepika Padukone, teaches us that we either leave our parent alone and die or simply help and take care of them because no one else will. Not only is she taking care of her Bengali father, Bhashkor played by Amitabh Bachchan, but also works, takes care of the house, and whenever she gets a chance she tries to find herself a compatible partner to marry.  I definitely could not imagine any other actress playing the role of Piku, other than Deepika.

I loved everything about the film, from the first frame to the last, every moment I lived in the two-hours and two-minutes of the film was worth it. I laughed a lot! The dialogue was grasping and there was some sort of logical-theory behind every dialogue. My favorite dialogues were delivered by none other than, Irrfan Khan who plays, Rana Chaudhary. Irrfan no doubt always has perfect dialogue delivery timing with a taste of wittiness in his personality and this technique of his was executed on screen perfectly!


The technicalities of the film stood out immensely though; the cinematography, editing, and my favorite the road trip journey from Delhi to Calcutta. Cinematographer, Kamaljeet Negi captured a very crisp visual of the entire film. It was naturally displayed, like I was part of Piku and her journey. At one point I forgot I was watching a fictional film it was so real. The three actors, Amitabh, Irrfan and Deepika had a beautiful on-screen chemistry and their different personalities meshed well with the script.


I had already fallen in-love with the music before seeing the film and love it even more after seeing the film itself. Music Director, Anupam Roy has compiled an album of five beautiful tracks where most of them are sung by him and along with Sunidhi Chauhan and Shreya Ghoshal.

The best part about Piku, is that it lightens up your heart and mind. Sure there aren’t any item-songs or a romantic scene, in fact the film is quite personal, after all discussions about different constipation motions are discussed with all characters. This film conveys many little life-messages to all and one of my favorite ones is that no matter how young or old you are you are free to do whatever you want whenever. Seventy year old Bhashkor eventually let’s go of his emotions through motion. If he can do it, then so can anyone else. Props to one of the most divine actors of Indian Cinema, Amitabh Bachchan for an outstanding performance on-screen.


 Our review of Piku is

5 stars


Check out my favorite track from the film!

Journey Song
Singers: Anupam Roy & Shreya Ghoshal