Posted on May 9, 2015 at 4:34 am

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Faysal Quraishi’s To Shine Through in Upcoming TV Serial MOL?

Versatile Pakistani TV actor and host Faysal Quraishi climbed his way to the top with his acting prowess. Never shying away from taking risks, Faysal has proved his unmatchable acting skills from time to time by portraying complex characters, one after the other, with great ease. From playing a blind man to a ruthless businessman, his portfolio of work boasts of it all. Once again, Faysal will be playing a completely new kind of character in his upcoming TV serial MOL, which in essence is a unique love story centering on two completely opposite kinds of people.

BTS - Faysal Quraishi with MOL cast

After seeing Faysal put up a spectacular performance as Aashiq Hussain in Rang Laaga, audiences will be seeing him in the contrasting role of Sheharyar, in HUM TV’s serial MOL. Sheharyar, a very practical individual by nature, is an urban bureaucrat who was born and brought up in London. Describing his character, Faysal says

Faysal Quraishi as Sheharyar in MOL [2]

“It is a very unique character and of course the total opposite of how the audience is currently seeing me in Rang Laaga. Sheharyar is a very straight forward man who is not very expressive. He never interferes in anyone else’s life; hence he does not appreciate others having any say in his life. He likes living on his own terms.”


“I had a great time working with seniors like Munawar Saeed and Nadeem Baig on this serial. Even though I have been a part of the industry for so many years now, I still learn something new after each project” says Faysal.

MOL is all set to go on-air soon, with Faysal Quraishi fans both at home and abroad, waiting in anticipation on HUM TV!