Posted on May 21, 2015 at 4:01 am

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Bollywood-style video raises questions about BA Pass actress Shikha Joshi's death

The Bollywood-style confessional video of the dying actress Shikha Joshi, who played a role in the award-winning film BA Pass, has come under police investigation. The Mumbai Police are suspecting Shikha’s death to be that of suicide, however, Shikha’s brother, Vishesh Joshi is questioning why her roommate, Madhu Harti decided to first record the alleged confession before taking her to the hospital.

Shikha Joshi

Vishesh is reported to have told the police,

“She (Madhu) should’ve taken her to a hospital instead of recording this video. She is also to blame for my sister’s death.”

Shikha’s brother is also reported to have alleged that his sister was murdered. The police have told the media that they are not ruling out the possibility.

Shikha Joshi

The alleged confession video has come under the television channel, TV9 Marathi, who interviewed Shikha’s roommate after her death. The video allegedly has Shikha naming a cosmetic surgeon, who had apparently molested her and many married men for the reason behind her suicide. TV9 Marathi has also uploaded a clip of the video on the YouTube channel. Bollywood PR guru Dale Bhagwagar considers this “a dangerous trend”. He believes that the business of sensationalism should be kept away from matters of life and death.

He said,

“Citizens should stop acting as cops, judges and journalists, and leave those jobs to them.”

Bhagwagar also added,

“Recording accurate statements is a cop’s duty, finding out details for a story is a trained journalist’s job, and pronouncing  judgments is the court’s prerogative. The public should stop doing all this on their own through mobile phones and social media.”

Bhagwager was earlier roped in by supermodel Viveka Babajee’s family, to clarify incorrect perceptions about the super-model’s demise to the media.

Bollywood has witnessed quite a few mysterious celebrity deaths in the last few years. Some of the names include Divya Bharti, Nafisa Joseph, Kuljeet Randhawa, Viveka Babajee and Jiah Khan.