Posted on May 10, 2015 at 4:15 am

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Adam Saleh and Sheiikh Akbaar ft. Mumzy Stranger give you ‘DIAMOND GIRL’

Adam Saleh and Sheikh Akbar are the American online comic duo who have engaged millions around the world via their channel TrueStoryASA. The comic pranksters have amassed over 73 million YouTube views globally on the channel, making them internet sensations overnight. During a recent visit to the UK, both stars were mobbed by thousands of young fans in London and Birmingham, causing police to intervene in what became local headlines.

Diamond Girl PR

The stars now continue their journey with their debut music release, ‘Diamond Girl’, a collaboration with award winning East London music star Mumzy Stranger. The song is an edgy slice of pop/urban, which sees the YouTube stars turn their hand to rapping and featuring an inimitable hook from Mumzy Stranger, also the producer of ‘Diamond Girl’.

Adam Saleh and Sheikh Akbar, both 21 and from New York, started making comedy YouTube videos which, in a short space of time, have been reaching millions of hits regularly. Adam has featured on the world-renowned Ellen show hosted by Ellen Degeneres. Both have also acted in the feature film ‘American Sharia’ opposite American actor and comedian Omar Regan.

Adam Saleh and Sheikh Akbar are bon-a-fide entertainment stars emerging from the YouTube generation. Having already seen thousands of young fans attend their appearances in the UK and US, they are preparing their assault on the music industry with an ever-growing fanbase. Summer 2015 will also see them embark on a lengthy European and Middle East tour due to phenomenal demand in the regions.

Singer and producer Mumzy Stranger says:


“In Adam and Sheikh we have two young, talented and highly charged all round entertainers. They have embraced the online platforms at their disposal to incredible effect, creating a huge presence all across social media, the main source of information and entertainment for the next generation. In doing so, their content has been viewed by millions worldwide. I am very excited to be working with them and co producer Lyan Roze to create a unique sound and give their army of fans some amazing music, starting with the debut single ‘Diamond Girl’.”


‘Diamond Girl’ is currently available to order on iTunes here!

Tell us what you thought of the track – stay tuned for the full video out this week!