Posted on May 15, 2015 at 11:05 pm

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5 Reasons Madhuri Dixit is Evergreen!

Today the evergreen actress, Madhuri Dixit turns 48!

1. Madhuri is Exquisite, her heart-melting smile is to simply die for!


2. Timeless beauty; she is just as gorgeous today as she was when she started!


3. Her face says it all! Madhuri doesn’t have to say words, her facial expressions speak volumes!


4. And when Madhuri does speak, her attitude and style steals all hearts!

5. Most importantly though, she is 48 today and looks younger by the day. Madhuri is so young, she and Ranbir Kapoor even make an adorable pair on-screen!


Happy Birthday Madhuri Dixit! All of your fans hope you never stop dancing and continue to carry on Indian dance traditions throughout your life in Indian Cinema!