Posted on April 26, 2015 at 3:17 am

Bollywood Featured What's Happenin'

Veena Malik Khan and Asad Bashir Khan perform Umrah with their adorable son Abram Khan!

This kid is already a superstar! Performing Umrah and Hajj is an honor for every Muslim. Every Muslim wants to see the house of ALLAH Almighty. Every Muslim has great wish to perform hajj of Umrah but only some get chance to visit the holy place of Allah.

Actress Veena Malik Khan and her husband Asad Khan have travelled once again To Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah for the second time since they got married in December 2013. Abram Khan, their adorable son of seven months has travelled with them and was seen performing Umrah , Abram khan wore Ehraam and was looking very cute. Ehraam is a specific dress worn during hajj and Umrah.


Actress Veena Malik and Husband Asad Khan said,

” I am very happy to visit Holy Kabbah and get a chance to offer prayer. I seek blessing from Allah for me and my family and we had special prayers for the entire Muslim community to have peace and prosperity of our beloved people of India-Pakistan.”

The Beautiful Couple will stay in Saudi Arabia for a week and they will also go to Madina Pak and will visit many historical religious places. Asad and Veena will traveling to Pakistan after they perform Umrah. How adorable is the son?