Posted on April 4, 2015 at 9:07 pm

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The Jujj has produced “BAKVAAS”?!

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If you’re going to name your debut single, “Bakvaas” (nonsense), you definitely have to be quite confident with your music, because haters will be quick to latch onto that name if your final product truly sounds like bakvaas!  Debut singer, rapper The Jujj is kicking off his music career with his debut single, “Bakvaas“!   “Bakvaas” is based around an idea The Jujj formed at Clapham Junction railway station, where he thought everyone says today’s music is Bakvaas, so why not use that as the main word in a song? The line “Raj ke geet che pavaan ga mithaas, raj ke rap che karaan ga bakvaas” came to mind.  The song is a funny, comical track which will not only make you laugh and entertain but the words reflect truth on society, the underlying message is “be bold, follow your heart and speak the truth“.

The Jujj’s goal is to make music that is fun, creative, and unique.  He tells us,

Music isn’t just about the same beat and the same sound, I want to do something different something people will never forget!

The Jujj was born in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, and lived in Oman before coming to the UK (Swansea, South Wales) at a young age. He’s also academically bright as well!  He received his BA in Mathematics from Oxford University and also has a MSc in Computer Science from Birmingham University.  Now, he is completing his CFA and actuarial qualifications. The Jujj was born in to a Pakistani family where creativity and international music was within him since a young age. He got into Punjabi music by listening to Abrar Ul Haq, the Late Surjit Bindhrakhiya, and the initial B21/Bally Jagpal and RDB era. The Jujj mainly speaks Urdu and English and has learnt Punjabi through music.

Be sure not to expect the norm from The Jujj he is armed with quirky, creative music which is going to set a new trend for upcoming artists!

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