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Sonu Nigam lends his voice for ‘DNA Of Love’!

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I remember back in 2009 I had met Sonu Nigam for a live concert and had the chance to meet him backstage hours before the show. This was my first celebrity encounter and he made the best impression on me and the rest of the backstage crew. Sonu is down to earth and of course his heartwarming voice sweeps you away.

Sonu Nigam has a soft, melodious, and heart-melting voice, just like the evergreen Mohammad Rafi! If we look back at Sonu’s favorite-hit tracks like, Kal Ho Na Ho, Yeh Dil Deewana and most recently from Agneepath, Abhi Mujhme Kahin. He has enthralled his fans for quite some time now and has just completed recording a song for the upcoming film, DNA Of Love.

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According to the sources, Sonu has sung a song for DNA Of Love, directed by Amit Kasaria. The love-story called for a romantic number, and there is no other artist than Sonu who can convey a sweet romantic voice for the film which Amit wanted. The track he has sung is a hard hitting emotional song that is written and composed by Swaransh Mishra, son of music legend, Saajan Mishra and a very close relative of Birju Maharaj.

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It was a dream come true for Swaransh to work with Sonu and he was extremely thrilled to do so. The kind of energy he carried through the recording journey of the track, got the entire team going.

Amit says,

He is a thorough professional. Not just a good professional, but also a good human being. There’s only one Sonu Nigam.”

Amit also said about the song;

All I can say is that it is a very strong and emotional song. It will touch everyone’s heart.

DNA Of Love, stars Adhyayan Suman and Hasleen Kaur. The film is set to hit the big-screen in May. It is a heart touching thriller love story. The film is based on the story that takes place in a night with flashbacks, betrayals and finding love as the final resort.

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