Posted on April 16, 2015 at 4:24 pm

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Salman Khan’s mystery Twitter woman revealed!

When Salman Khan tweets, we are often left confused as to what his tweets actually mean and it seems this time around was no different. The Dabangg Khan posted pictures of a woman and no one had a clue as to who she is!

Salman Khan 2013 MoviesEveryone was left with questions. Is she the future Mrs. Khan? Has Salman’s account been hacked? Is Salman taking this woman under his wing to bring her into Bollywood? Check out his tweets below.

Well, as it turns out, her name is Hiral Thakkar and she is part of Khan’s team. In fact, she handles his Twitter account and sometimes even posts on his behalf, so whenever one sees complete sentences in Khan’s tweets, we can assume that Hiral is tweeting on Khan’s behalf.