Posted on April 6, 2015 at 9:57 pm

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Comedian Aditi Mittal releases “The Arranged Date” song!

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When South Asian girls reach a certain age the talks of marriage instantaneously begin. Arranged marriages today aren’t like the old days where parents pick a guy you meet the day of your wedding, it’s more like blind dating. Comedian Aditi Mittal and actress Richa Chaddha beautifully sum up the pains of this awkward “Arranged Dating” that happens with “The Arranged Date Song!” Check out this hilarious video!

On behalf of millions of 20-something and over South Asian girls, thank you Aditi! This song seriously hit the spot, touching on the pressure of looking perfect, meeting weird guys, the pressures parents, traditional expectations of a girl and of course the bio data. We’re loving it, what do you guys think? Let us know!

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