Posted on April 18, 2015 at 6:57 pm

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B-Town parties it up at Colors TV annual bash!

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It’s Saturday night in Mumbai and what better way to party it up with your costars and friends in the industry along with taking a ton of snaps and selfies! Well that is what’s happening right now at this moment! Stars and TV actors celebrated the anniversary of the television channel Colors TV tonight! We were loving all the snaps but we fell in love with one that stood out!

Hrithik Roshan snapped a cute photo with his two sons all in the same tux and color! Triplets! His two kids are look adorable we must say! Father and Sons partying it up a the Colors TV annual anniversary party! Check out some snaps from #Twitter and #Instagram! We even caught some actors taking some group selfies! Now you can’t party an event without taking group selfies can you?


Stay tuned for more updates at the Colors TV anniversary party on ! #ColorsTV #ColorsPARTY!

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