Posted on April 12, 2015 at 5:21 pm

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Akshay Kumar Launches Martial Arts Classes for Women!

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Some find gossip and rumors interesting, I on the other hand feel the most interesting information about any celebrity is their story and how they became what they are today.

Akshay Kumar who is a professional martial arts trainer, before he started acting, launched an enterprise to train women in free-of-cost martial arts classes. These classes will teach women a very important technique in self-defense. Over three-hundred girls have joined Akshay’s classes in Maharashtra. He is now planning to extend a helping-hand to launch more self-defense classes.

Akshay Kumar

In addition to beginning this new venture, Akshay Kumar is currently promoting his upcoming film, Gabbar Is Back. The film is about a common man waging war against corruption around him. His character in the film sees him create a parallel army to fight against corruption and this has inspired Akshay to teach martial arts to women in the form of free self-defense classes to protect them from crime against them.

Gabbar Is Back

I believe it is a wonderful movement that actors create when they are emotionally-inspired by a cause and help bring that cause into effect. Akshay Kumar has taken his first passion and love and implements his talent on others. He has already trained ten Black Belt Martial Artists and wishes to expand his army that teaches women self-defense. Well considering the welfare of Indian women has become a contentious issue, we think it is a outstanding initiative.

Akshay Kumar 2

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