Posted on April 5, 2015 at 5:09 pm

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Adorable: Taaha Shah shares the love of his life on social media!

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Well you thought Taaha was really dating someone weren’t you?  Well he does have one love in his world and that is a little adorable furry pet named ‘Paro’. Yes, just like the character from Devdas! What a cute name!

Taaha Shah, the popular Bollywood Actor surprised his social media fans by posting pictures of his pet Bunny, Paro!

Taaha Shah with his ‘Paro'
Taaha Shah with his ‘Paro’

Speaking about his easter revelation, Taaha tweeted

“Meet the love of my life, Paro!! 2 months old and all set to celebrate easter!!”

Taaha’s easter connect comes from his maternal family and he recalls the amazing time he had as a kid celebrating it in Canada.

” It’s an occasion to forego the past, create new dreams, passions and follow them with all your heart. Back then, it was all about marzipans, easter eggs and the bunny that would get good news.” He says.

As for Paro, seems like we will keep seeing more of her on Taaha’s instagram and twitter accounts , considering the “bunny” factor was the reason for introducing her especially on easter eve! Isn’t she adorable?

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